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try to visit my new site; there are several videoclippings of RFG to be viewed


WELCOME to My home page.
Photos from different places of visit. Published are the most interesting shots ever gathered by the author. Personal Trips, Motor club activities, religious works, business activities and family profiles. Segment production and other related digital works that are memorable.Interesting adventures like mountaineering, caving, and birdwatch and other side trips Feel free to download and share to others
Some latest events, blogs and photos may be viewed in my other sites listed below.
For shortcuts, you may go to and search photos and type nobleflyer.Thanks a lot guys!!!

Personal activities involving motoring, trips, photo and video documentations, family profile friends and other extra curricular activities

akop ni noong araw

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Please send Attachment photos together with your Motorcycle
description, made, and other specs plus your Biodata for inclusion in our Davao Motoring Gallery to my email address, anytime. We need this so badly. Thanks , Alex


This is my Beloved toy. Personally built by the author, ALex G. Aguilar, Sr with the able aid of Mr Rolando Mejias who sacrificed with me for nearly six months in a making. My Trimobile.

Top photo was taken during its first trip three years ago. Below is the latest picture being modified with complete accesories.

Me, driving the trike. It was raining during this shot and the couples were wet.